Dominican Dinner

Join us for a Dominican Republic themed dinner to help our diocesan partnership in the DR!  Tickets are $10 and the meal will include a beverage, shepherd’s pie (your choice of traditional or Dominican style), fruit, and dessert.  Funds benefit our partner church, Christo Salvador, their preschool, and the diocesan mission trip, of which our own Julie Westman is a part!  We hope you’ll be able to join us for dinner!


The Story

Find the Old Testament confusing? Would you like a great overview of the entire Bible, but find the Bible’s language confusing? Then this is for you! Starting May 20th, we will begin reading The Story. The Story is written like a novel, but presents the entire narrative of Scripture in chronological order. Each week we will read a chapter and discuss it at Java Joey’s at 9a on Wednesdays. Even if you can’t make the study group, you can read along with us. The Story is available on Amazon, but if you sign up, Melinda will order you a copy.