how we serve

There are a variety of ministries happening at Our Saviour.  Below is a list of how we          currently serve in our parish and in our community, but we are open to new ideas and new ways to serve!

Episcopal Church Women: Comprised of women of all ages and views, the ECW seeks to provide a community of women who share together and walk with one another along the Christian journey.  Currently, they are partners with Crossroads, the battered women’s shelter.  They also do several soup fundraisers to provide funds for their mission budget and the funeral dinner budget.

Altar Guild: Although the work of this group often goes unseen, our worship services are not possible without their diligence.  For every worship service at Church of Our Saviour, this team works together to ensure everything is in the right place and ready.  If you enjoy working with a group, organizing, preparing, and serving, then consider joining the guild!

Acolytes: The acolytes play an important role in our services by carrying the cross, carrying the gospel book, and assisting in setting the table for the Eucharist.  Our acolytes are young people who are committed to their service here, and we welcome any other youth who might want to join our ministry.

Lay Ministry:  Lay Ministers are parishioners of all ages trained to assist during worship.     Often their ministry includes reading Scripture during worship, greeting, and collecting the offering.  Additionally, we have an acolyte program for youth.  At Church of Our Saviour we also have Licensed Lay Ministers, who assist with serving the Eucharist and read Morning Prayer when no ordained clergy are present.  Lastly, Licensed Lay Eucharistic Minsters do everything a Lay Minister can and also home communion to those who can not make it into service.

Music Ministry:  We have two musical offerings here at Church of Our Saviour: Chancel Choir and Handbell Choir.  If you have musical talent, whether vocal or instrumental, we would be delighted to have your gifts used in our services.  We are open to a variety of styles of music, so we invite your suggestions and ideas.  Please contact the office for more information or to offer your talents, and we will connect you with Brenda, our director.

Greeting Card: Part of living as the community of Christ means caring for those enduring difficult times.  At Church of Our Saviour, our card ministry strives to let members and friends know that the community is with them, caring and praying for them.  If you would like to be involved in sending uplifting cards to those in difficult times, please contact our office and we will connect you to this ministry.




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