how we worship

We have one worship service at 9:00am on Sundays.

– This is a Rite II Eucharist service, which means that it is in modern English, has music and hymn singing, and the focus will be both on the reading and hearing of Scripture, as well as on the sacrament of Communion.

– Our music is a mix of organ and piano, a mix of hymns and choruses

– You are welcome to come as you are, although most people do dress-up slightly

– Our service will incorporate sitting, standing, and kneeling (optional), but the worship leaflet you will receive at the door will indicate when each action is to take place.

– While the Episcopal Church draws its worship services from a book, all the information you will need and all the responses are listed in our service leaflet.  Together with the  hymnals, you will be set!

– At the time when Communion is taken, those wishing to receive the bread and wine will walk up the center aisle to the front of the church and either stand or kneel at the rail.  First the bread will be given, then the communal chalice.  You can either drink out of the common cup or dip your bread in it.  You will return to your seat by going through a door to the right of the rail and walking down the side aisle.  Ushers will tell you when to go forward.

Parking is available at the church as well as handicapped spaces.  Entering through the front red doors that face Liberty Blvd lead you directly to the sanctuary.  If you would like to use our lift, please come up the ramp to the glass door.  The lift is right inside the door.  Restrooms are located in the basement.

For other questions, please call Melinda at 814-371-8810.

We hope to see you Sunday!

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